Premium Bio-Matcha čaj 35g

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Premium Bio-Matcha čaj, prah 35g

Dr. Goerg

Premium Organska Matcha 35g

u skladu s tradicijom čaja u Japanu

  • čisti matcha prah obrednog stupnja čistoće

  • 100% nadziran organski uzgoj

  • 100% veganski proizvod

  • 100% prirodno bez glutena, laktoze i kazeina

  • 100% fer, iskrena, održiva proizvodnja

  • zaštićeno od svjetla u ljubičastoj staklenci


Discover enjoyable feel-good moments with the Premium Organic Matcha from Dr. Goerg. The particularly valuable Matcha tea enjoys a high reputation in its homeland Japan and is served there at traditional tea ceremonies. It is grown by the tea farmers who have been supplying the Japanese imperial family for generations - that’s how we ensure the best ceremonial grade. Our Premium Organic Matcha is made from the whole green tea leaf. This gives it an intense green colour and a particularly mild aroma. Take some time and enjoy this tea speciality from Dr. Goerg - because no other tea is as representative of well-being and the harmony of body and mind.


With the Premium Organic Matcha from Dr. Goerg, you’ll receive the best ceremonial-grade Japanese matcha. The valuable matcha leaves are carefully picked by hand and gently dried. The leaves are then processed into our particularly high-quality organic matcha powder. In order to preserve the valuable ingredients of organic matcha, we deliver our matcha in a unique violet glass, which preserves the aromas particularly well. It protects the matcha powder from light and moisture and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or aluminium packaging. Consciously enjoy your matcha, which pampers and vitalises not only your palate, but also your whole body!


Enjoy the Premium Organic Matcha straight, as an iced tea or as a matcha latte with milk or a milk alternative. It offers a wonderful alternative to coffee or black tea. The organic matcha is also ideal for cooking and baking. Because the fine matcha powder not only gives your dishes an extraordinary colour, it also ensures a full-bodied aroma in smoothies, desserts, pastries or muesli. To make a cup of matcha tea:

  1. Put 1-2 bamboo spoonfuls or ½ tsp of matcha powder in a cup

  2. Add 100ml of water heated to approx. 80°C

  3. Beat with the bamboo whisk to create a frothy texture and enjoy


Ingredients: 100% Premium Organic Matcha from Japan from monitored organic cultivation

100g contains on average:

Energy 1906kJ / 392kcal

Fat 6.3g

- of which Saturates 4.1g

Carbohydrate <57.4g

- of which Sugars <1.7g

Fibre <31g

Egg white <26.4g

Salt <0g


The Premium Organic Matcha from Dr. Goerg can be kept for up to two years. Store the powder in a cool and dry place and keep out of direct sunlight.


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